• CerTest goes to ECCM!

    We are pleased to announce that a team of Academics, Researchers and PhD students from the CerTest project will be presenting their latest work at ECCM 20 (the 20th European Conference on Composite Materials) in Lausanne, Switzerland – 26-30 June 2022. 

    ECCM brings together participants from academia and industry who share an interest in Composite Materials and is the main European forum for Knowledge exchange on recent accomplishments and future trends in Composite materials. 

    This year’s conference is on the theme of “Composite meet Sustainability” and will highlight sustainability aspects (bio-based composite, energy efficiency in materials, production and use phases as well as end-of-life scenarios and recycling) in addition to the usual range of topics. Sustainability is very much in the core of CerTest, which aims to radically improve the efficiency of future composite aircraft, decrease of cost and time to market.  

    The CerTest team is proud to present the following: 

    The Principal Investigator, Ole Thomsen, Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol, will give an overview of the project:  

    Validation of Composite Aerostructures through Integrated Multi-Scale Modelling and High-Fidelity Substructure Testing Facilitated by Design of Experiments and Bayesian learning  

    The project team of RAs and PhDs will also give presentations to describe their recent work and outstanding achievements: 

    Jean Benezech, University of Bath: Scalable localized model order reduction applied to composite aero-structures  

    Aewis Hii, Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol:Development of a Concurrent Multi-scale Analysis Framework using Shell Elements for the Progressive Failure Analysis of Composites  

    Tobias Laux, Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol: Hybrid testing for composite substructures  

    Geir Olafsson, Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol: Assessment of complex structural scale composite structures by Thermoelastic Stress Analysis (TSA) adapted for 3D perspective imaging.   

    Thomas Maierhofer, University of Bath: Fracture toughness and performance of resistance welded and co-bonded thermoset-thermoplastic composite hybrid joints.  

    Rafael Ruiz Iglesias, Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol: Surface and subsurface damage assessment of multi-directional composite laminates utilizing a full field imaging technique.  

    Roy Bullock, Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol: Ply Orientation Effects in Multidirectional Carbon/Epoxy Open-Hole Specimens Subjected to Shear Loading 

    Carl Scarth, University of Bath: Bayesian calibration of a finite element stiffened panel model using experimental compression test data 

    James Evans, University of Bath: Data driven damage and analytical CAI models for rapid strength prediction    

    The Industrial Doctorate Centre on Composites Manufacture will have an information booth in the exhibition at the conference, please visit the booth to find out more about research in Bristol Composites Institute and our two Doctoral Training Centres.

    Don’t miss the latest news and updates from the ECCM Conference via the Bristol Composites Institute Twitter account: ‎@UoBrisComposite

  • CerTest PhD Opportunities

    Applications are now being accepted for three funded CerTest PhD projects at the University of Bristol.

    Further details on each of these exciting PhD projects can also be found on the University of Bristol, Faculty of Engineering website here.

    The titles of the PhD projects are:

    1. Improved design of lightweight composite sandwich structures through integrated high-fidelity modelling and experimental characterisation
    2. Full-field imaging approaches for assessment of subsurface defects in composite structures
    3. Effect of laminate architecture on the fatigue life of composite structures subjected to multiaxial loading

    Closing date for applications: 1 March 2021

    There is an additional PhD project for CerTest also currently being advertised here:

    Modelling the effect of voids in Composite Components

    Closing date for applications: 26 February 2021

  • CerTest website – new design launch

    The CerTest website has undergone a full redesign and the new changes were launched on the 13th of May 2020.

    The new and improved site features new areas showcasing the people working on the project, publications, news items and also more information on the exciting research challenges. The four research challenges have their own colour theme and icon to present an identity for each.

    The vacancy page has also been updated to reflect current and closed vacancies.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome on how we can further improve. Please get in contact via the details on the new contact page.

  • Introduction to the CerTest project

    The five year project will look to enable more structurally efficient and lightweight airframes that are essential for meeting future fuel and cost efficiency challenges, to maintain and enhance the UK’s international position in the aerospace industry.

    CerTest is a multidisciplinary project with £6.9m funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research council (EPSRC) programme grant scheme, led by the University of Bristol with partners at the University of Bath, University of Exeter and University of Southampton.