Seminar by Dr Jevan Furmanski from UoDayton, USA

Dr Jevan Furmanski

University of Dayton

Abstract: Recent advances in additive manufacturing with continuously-reinforced composites (AM-CC) has enabled the use of this process to realize mass-efficient, topology-optimized (TO), bioinspired structures.  The consideration of the use of AM-CC-TO primary structure has raised critical questions about this material’s performance and limits of manufacturability, both linked to defects at multiple length scales. This talk will briefly cover challenges related to AM-CC-TO structure, including defect structures, topological junctions, and reconsideration of structural allowables for attritable (limited-lifetime) aircraft.

10:00 to 11:00 20th February 2023 University of Bristol, Queens Building, Faculty Board Room

We would like to thank Jevan once more for the seminar which was well received by all those who attended, both virtually and by more than 40 people online.