CerTest – New Publication

We are happy to share our latest paper from the CerTest programme, which was recently published in Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering.  

In multiscale modelling of composites, computational homogenization allows us to link the behaviour of material on the finer length scale to a point on the structural scale. However, this process is associated with loss of spatial information on the larger scale. For example, a multiscale model would have information that a wrinkle exists somewhere in the material, but it will have no way of knowing its location. To do this, a second order computational homogenization technique which maintains spatial information has to be developed. This is the focus of our recent paper.

Our colleague Aewis Hii has done an impressive job putting this together.  Thanks go to Bassam El Said and also to Stephen Hallett for his invaluable guidance. Here is an open access link to the article, we hope you find interesting: